Friday, July 31, 2009

Maria's girls room

One of the best sources of inspiration is one's own friends. Like my friend Aina who introduced me to the shabby chic, cottage style that they like so much in Norway where she's from.
This summer I visited my friend Maria in Toronto, she has a lovely apartment and she just redecorated her daughters room since she is expecting her second baby girl. The room is painted in a beautiful shade of pink and she made the bird artwork herself. Do you recognize the doll? Yes! she traveled all the way from Neenä to Toronto.

Girl's Decor

After opening our store, we got many requests for furniture and decoration, which gave birth to Neena Interior Design. We are now working at an apartment in Acapulco and a few kids rooms in Mexico City. Here are some children's rooms that have inspired me for these projects. I love the use of painted old furniture, birdcages, vintage colorful fabrics and iron beds.
I have to apologize in advance because I don't have most of the credits for this pictures. It is just a collection of images that I have been saving in my hard drive for the past year or so. Some of the sources are the blogs I usually visit like apartment therapy or decor8 and Sköna Hem website, others come from flickr, searching for children's rooms.