Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bed of Flowers Hotel

As I wrote in my latest posts, I am very much into Interior design these days and working on a few projects, I often find myself blogging into late night hours, that is how I came across this fantastic hotel in Holland.
The style is exactly what I am all about: floral fabrics, vintage artwork, white sofas, wooden floors, crystal chandeliers and antique furniture pieces. I also love the vintage floral porcelain, the gingham fabric and feathered birds in the chandelier.
Although I am mostly attracted to very white interiors, in this case I really like the touch of color given through upholstery, a few painted walls and lots of flowers, their choice of turquoise, hot pink and green makes a great palette. I would absolutely love to stay here sometime.
Bed of flowers is the name of this gorgeous place, you can find more information and even book your room at


1 comment:

Anhibou said...

It is exactly your style! And Aina's!!!
I love it too!
Let's meet there one day, ok?