Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food Styling

I have a new goal in life since I discovered Aran Goyoaga, an amazing food stylist and photographer who lives in South Florida and is originaly from the Basque Country. On her blog Cannelle et Vanille she showcases the most beautiful food pictures I've seen.
With every amazing picture, she includes the recipe, she uses fresh seasonal produce and lots of spices, and I like how she pairs ingredients like rosemary and honey, caramel and fleur de sel, or the sweet and delicate spiciness of pink peppercorns with raspberries! hers is a very contemporary style of cooking.
I wish one day I can learn to photograph like she does. It gave me hope to know that she started as a photographer a little more than a year ago and she is completely self taught. You can tell she has improved a lot if you take a look at older posts in her blog.
I like her white on white pictures the most, she is able o capture every little detail in them, and I also like the softness she creates by having some parts out of focus. I decided to give it a try. I began following Aran's tips: "Natural lighting, no lamps, shoot with a high aperture, make sure the white balance in your camera is set to the right category and try to over-expose the photo a bit. Not too much, just a little".
After 100's of pictures, this is the best I could come up with. I needed a photograph of this glass that I sell on my shop. It is made from recycled beer containers and is hand painted in a small village in Mexico. They are traditionally used at weddings. I think they're really pretty. I will use the picture on my website, even if is not that great, and just hope some day I manage to create beautiful images, like she does.

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