Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hip and Soul in Paris

This was my favorite part with the kitchen tools hung on the bar and the picture of the granny on the sofa. Loved the vintage chairs painted in white and check out the legs left unpainted.

Mexican Oilcloth tablecover on the comunal table and wooden pizza oven in the back.

Last weekend we stayed at the oh so chic Mama Shelter hotel in Paris. A perfect mix of hip and soul, The Sun Herald called it.

Far away from ultra modern sterile interiors, Mama shelter is cozy and fun. One of the latest creations of Philippe Starck, who also designed one of my favorite places in Miami, the Delano hotel in South Beach.

The theme is quirky design chic, filled to the brim (actually, a vast chalkboard ceiling covered in graffiti) with Starck’s inventiveness, a mix of classic design pieces like the tulip table, light fixtures made from bird cages and bizarre Asterix and Obelix face masks used as lampshades are all part of the fun. The rooms are small but functional. The beds, are hugely comfortable with crisp cotton sheets and each room has got a Mac screen that works as your TV, Radio, and includes Internet access.

The restaurant is overseen by one of France's leading culinary figures, chef Alain Senderens, There’s a huge communal table with a long oilcloth table cover, in cherry print. I actually checked and it was made in Mexico, from the same brand I use for Neena products.
It's also got a beautifully furnished rooftop terrace and bar where barbecues are the rage.

The hotel is located in Saint Blaise neighborhood, the city's boho SoPig (south of Pigalle) in the 20th arrondisment. This neighborhood hosts a few of the latest bars and rock venues and its supposed to become Paris equivalent to New York's Meatpacking district, although I found it to be more of a residential area with families walking by and a nice apartment buildings and a school a few blocks away from the hotel.

I loved every bit, each piece was thoughtfully selected and placed, the colors, the pictures, the fabrics, the textures. A lot of messages are sent through images (they had interesting paparazzi photos of the British royal family hung on the wall at the dining room) and through graffiti on the walls and on the carpets. I think we will see more and more of this kind of interiors where all these details make the space feel very personal, very well lived.

Tulip table and open kitchen

Mama Shelter Terrace

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